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  • AndroiDTV turns your Android device or Windows PC into a mobile TV
  • You can watch, record and play live TV without using up your data plan - never miss your favourite TV show!
  • Just plug AndroiDTV on your device. The free TVCenter for Android App will be downloadad instantly and you can enjoy live TV
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  Google play store - TVCenter for Android
  Download TVCenter 6.4.8 for Windows 


  • Standalone device which transfer live TV or recordings to your iPad, iPhone, Android device or PC
  • Offers a universal video input/output. You can connect any cable-, Freeview- , satellite- or Pay-TV-receiver
  • Enjoy you favourite shows on the go
  • Functional range: Live TV, electronic program guide, scheduled recordings and playbacks 
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  NEW: Download the current Firmware 3.3.1424 here 


PCTV solutions for your digital lifestyle


More than just TV – Manage your TV

PCTV TV Center is equipped with a powerful PVR functionality. You can watch your favorite TV stations, timeshift, schedule recordings and much more ... .

Save space using an existing PC

PCTV TV products bring TV to your computer. You can easily enable your PC / Laptop with a full featured TV functionality.

Watch your favorite TV shows while traveling

Use your laptop to install your PCTV product and watch TV at your favorite location. You can also record TV shows and watch them later while traveling using your laptop or a media playback device.

Your personal IPTV: DistanTV mobile

You can also stream your PCTV programmes from your home via the Internet to your iPhone or iPad while sitting in a Café or hotel room anywhere in the world. You can control and watch all channels of your PCTV tuner in high picture quality.

The name of this new technology is DistanTV mobile, and it is part of our software TVCenter rev. 6, which is available as a free down-load in our download section.

Try DistanTV mobile today, and purchase it if you're satisfied with its performance. DistanTV mobile works in your home network (wifi), as well as in an Internet "Hot Spot" or through an 3G connection. Besides the iPhone and iPad, the iPod Touch and any PC or Mac with a Flash-enabled web browser are supported as a client device.






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