PCTV HD mini Stick (80e)  
PCTV HD mini Stick

    • Ultra-compact HDTV tuner
    • Superior reception
    • Built-in slide-cap to USB protector
    • Bonus: travel bag
PCTV for Mac HD mini Stick (80eM)
PCTV HD Pro Stick (801e)  
PCTV HD Stick (801 SE)  
PCTV HD Card (800i)  


The Smallest HDTV Tuner

With its latest generation chipset, the ultra-compact PCTV HD mini Stick delivers high-quality digital HDTV and the integrated signal booster improves reception sensitivity. Watch HDTV in full-screen or scalable-window mode. The included TVCenter software turns your PC into a full-fledged Personal Video Recorder (PVR) that lets you timeshift and record TV shows. Record to your hard drive or even direct to DVD without any qualitiy loss.



80e and laptop 

80e hardware 3d

80e opens step by step

Ultra COMPACT, Brilliant HDTV and 100% DIGITAL

  • New compact size HDTV tuner for easy travel and storage
  • Instantly turn your PC into a personal digital video recorder
  • Record your favorite shows to your hard drive or direct-to-DVD
  • Unique slide-open design with USB connector protection - never loose the USB cap again!


Product Overview

PCTV HD mini Stick is an ultra-compact, USB-powered TV tuner that’s the perfect match for super-slim laptops. The integrated signal booster improves reception sensitivity even if the signal isn’t strong. The easy-to-use TVCenter software lets you watch, timeshift and record TV. You can enjoy TV in full-screen mode or in a scalable window while using other applications. PCTV HD mini Stick comes with a mini remote control and high-gain telescopic antenna.

Take it with you on your travels. Record the game, grab your favorite sitcom episodes or catch the late-night thriller – PCTV HD mini Stick makes it happen.
Want full PVR capabilities? No problem - use TVCenter software to timeshift, record and program all your favorite shows. There's even one-click recording to hard disk or DVD.

PCTV HD mini Stick provides everything you need to turn your PC into a digital TV with fully functional Personal Video Recorder (PVR).  You can actually view and record over-the-air HD content for free (ATSC).  If you have cable TV (ClearQAM) at home: get the best out of it and receive the available digital HD channels on your PC, at no additional cost. All of this power is available in an ultra-compact designed form factor.  The PCTV HD mini Stick includes a USB 2.0 powered TV tuner with integrated infrared (IR) receiver and a mini-remote control. 

This diminutive combination allows you to take control of all of your digital TV choices from a distance in comfort.  A high-gain telescopic antenna is included, too. The included TVCenter software also offers features like timeshifting, direct-to-DVD recording or scheduled recordings to your hard drive without any quality loss.


Key Features

  • Ultra-compact HDTV tuner stick with super-strong reception
  • Watch free HDTV on your PC – no service fees
  • Supports both digital over-the-air TV (ATSC1) and unencrypted digital cable TV (ClearQAM2)
  • Includes mini-remote control and high-gain telescopic antenna
  • Turns your PC into a PVR with TimeShifting: pause, rewind TV
  • Stereo sound
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG3)
  • Compatible with Windows® Media Center5 (Windows Vista™ Home Premium or Ultimate; remote kit offered separately)
  • New: built-in slide-cap to protect the USB connector
  • New: integrated signal booster improves sensitivity for over-the-air HDTV reception
  • Bonus: travel bag


Technical Specifications

 TV Standards

  • ATSC (HDTV up to 1080i, SDTV)
  • ClearQAM (HDTV up to 1080i, SDTV)


  • TV antenna (F-connector/Coaxial)

Recording Formats

  • MPEG-2
  • MPEG-4: compatible with Sony PSP or Apple iPod (Trial Version)

System Requirements

  • Windows® XP or Windows Vista™ with latest service pack
  • Intel® Pentium® 4 2.8GHz, Pentium M 1.7 GHz, equivalent AMD Athlon 64 processor or higher (e.g. dual core processor)
  • RAM: Windows XP – 512 MB; Windows Vista – 1 GB
  • Free USB 2.0 port
  • Sound/graphics controller with support for DirectX® 9 or higher
  • Hard drive with minimum 1 GB free space (20 GB recommended for TV recording)
  • CD drive (DVD burner required for DVD recording)
  • Internet connection for registration/activation


Package Contents

  • USB 2.0 TV tuner for ATSC1/ClearQAM2 reception
  • Mini remote control including battery
  • Portable telescopic high-gain antenna with magnetic foot
  • Antenna adapter (MCX to F-Connector)
  • USB extender cable
  • Printed quick start guide
  • Travel bag
  • CD with TVCenter software






Product specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

1. ATSC, the new digital broadcast standard, is now available in many areas of the United States. The provided antenna will allow reception in areas where there is a good ATSC signal. In regions or rooms where the signal is not strong, an amplified rooftop antenna will be required. It is generally not possible to receive an ATSC signal while en route (e.g. in a car or train). Please consult with your local reseller or go to for more information on areas covered and optimizing your reception.
Unencrypted digital TV (ClearQAM) can be received with a standard cable TV connection at no additional fees. The reception of encrypted digital premium channels is not supported.
Internet connection required
For digital over-the-air TV (ATSC). Windows Media Center in Windows XP MCE is not supported.

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