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What’s new, what’s hot?

  • Direct access to tuners from any computer in your home network
  • Live-TV streaming to your iPhone, iPad, Mac & PC 
    - at home via wifi or on the go via UMTS



Are you traveling and don’t want to miss your favourite TV show or sport event? Imagine you can watch your home TV program on your iPhone in a cafe or hotel lobby. No problem -
use DistanTV mobile to watch live-TV on your iPhone and iPad wherever you are. You can even schedule TV recordings over the Internet with your smart phone. DistanTV mobile works over Wi-Fi or mobile phone networks.

DistanTV mobile is a media server, which runs in the background on your PC and allows a client device, e.g. client PC, Smartphone, iPhone®, iPod touch®, iPad®, to access the TVCenter application via LAN or the Internet.
Once the connection between the client and the PC has been established, the client device gets access to the TV channel list, on your PC. You simply select the channel you want to watch and TVCenter streams the digital TV program to your client device.

On top of this, the new version of DistanTV mobile enables your client device to
•    change TV viewing settings
•    schedule, edit or delete recordings
•    access the TVCenter Gallery and play back recordings




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