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Broadway 2T firmware version 2.5 build 368

Installation Guide

  • Download the firmware file - via the link given below - to the harddrive of a PC which is connected to the same network router as your Broadway. Open a web browser on the PC.
  • Type into the browser's address field to get to Broadway's main menu.
  • Click on the folder named Broadway.
  • Go to Configuration.
  • In the Firmware section, click the Browse button to navigate to the downloaded new firmware file on your PC's hard drive and open it.
  • Click the Update button.
  • Broadway 2T will reboot automatically.

Do not interrupt your Broadway's power supply while updating the firmware!

Please clear your web browser's cache memory before you proceed. To do so, e.g. in Internet Explorer 9: you select Tools/Safety/Delete browsing history. Please make sure that you just delete Temporary Internet Files.

After you updated your Broadway with this new firmware, please go back to the factory settings via Broadway/Configuration/Maintenance/Factory Defaults =>”Restore”. Please note that your personal settings including your TV channel lists will all be deleted.

New features in version 2.5

  • Support of the included IR blaster cable to control external set top boxes (STBs), such as Digital Cable- or Satellite receivers. The audio/video connection of an STB is established via the CVBS (composite video, yellow RCA socket) or S-Video socket of your Broadway and its stereo audio line input (red and white RCA socket). If your STB only provides a SCART output, you will need a corresponding A/V adapter cable, available in all electronic retail stores. You need to plug the Broadway IR-blaster cable into the 2.5mm female jack on the back panel, marked with “IR”. The IR set up is supported by a dedicated “IR Learning Wizard”. If you select the option „AV-IN with connected Set Top Box and IR-Blaster Support“ in the main set-up wizard, the IR Learning Wizard will automatically start after the DVB-T channel scan.
  • Completely reworked choice of "profiles" (video resolutions and data rates) for streaming via LAN and WAN (Internet)
  • Optimized video quality
  • Dual-tuner Freeview TV simultaneous operation with clients of all categories (incl. iPhone, iPad). Note that the video input (e.g. from a set top box) can only be used exclusively. No support for HDTV via DVB-T.
  • Adobe® Flash Support: The usage of the Flash video format by Broadway 2T has two key benefits:
    • Android® devices (tablet PCs, smartphones) from version 2.2 (froyo) with Flash support are now supported. As in case of the Apple iOS based devices, there is no App installation required. You just need to type in in the web browser. Browser-based operation means that you can use Broadway from as many clients as you want without paying for an extra App.
    • Internet streaming to Windows PCs (e.g. Netbooks) is also enabled by Broadway’s support of the Flash format. All Flash-compatible web browsers can control Broadway and play live TV (Internet Explorer®, Firefox®, Chrome®, etc.). Now you also have access to your home TV with your PC when traveling. Furthermore, streaming to a Linux PC based on Ubuntu 11.04 with the latest Firefox (Flash support) and Google Chrome (HTML5) browser has been tested successfully.


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  Broadway 2T Firmware V2.5.368






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