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PCTV Systems shows the first TV-Stick with DVB-T2-support

Braunschweig, September 5th 2010:  DVB-T2 is the second Generation of digital terrestrial televison and will open up new opportunities of high definition TV via antenna ("Freeview HD" in UK). This high definition over-the-air TV is now available in parts of the UK. The engineering team of the German company PCTV Systems, located in Braunschweig/Germany introduced the first DVB-T2 stick on this year’s IFA show.
By using easy to use TVCenter-Software from PCTV Systems with this compact stick the computer can easily not only be turned into a DVB-T2 receiver but also into a powerful HDTV-video recorder including extensive recording functionality and TimeShift.
PCTV’s nanoStick T2 is also compatible to DVB-T and comes with an antenna, a USB extension-cable, remote control and the full version of TVCenter 6.4.


About PCTV-Systems:
PCTV Systems ( develops innovative, high-quality TV tuner solutions for PCs and MACs. 




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